The #MeToo Movement

Like many others I am grateful for the #MeToo movement and celebrate the women and men coming forward as well as the journalists bringing light to these stories.

This tweet from Chloe Angyal also describes how I feel reading all these reports and stories:

It’s hard to watch this all unfold without grieving the news that was never reported, books never written, companies never founded, movies never produced, campaigns never run, dreams never pursued, the sheer loss of human contributions caused by harassment. It’s stunning.”  

I also think of all the women who who may not have a recourse to report this abuse of power, just read this piece from the Huffington Post or this open letter from Latina Farmworkers.

What’s Next?

As more victims speak up, we need to ask “what’s next?” as Jane Randel from Karp Randel does in this piece.

Here are a few of the millions of stories and opinion pieces on the topic. From my Google search: About 16,100,000 results (0.36 seconds)”. The first is an editorial in USA Today but the rest are recommended reads and I am not including any that focus on any specific case. I know that unfortunately there is much more to come but I look forward to seeing leaders evaluate their companies and organizations and taking some of the steps Jane and other experts recommend.

Recent Coverage

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Featured photo by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash.

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