This week in diversity news – CES, Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Diversity and much more

CES announced its keynote speakers and, as many have pointed out, we have a problem. Gender Avenger published an “action alert” because of the lack of women as keynote speakers. Kristin Lemkau came up with a list of potential speakers. AdWeek, AdAge, Digiday and others wrote about the backlash. Karen Chupka responded on Twitter on behalf of CES and then in a statement said there was a limited pool of women CEOs.  Fast Company has coverage on how the pressure “isn’t letting up.” One note on the diversity front, CES named Baron Davis its CES ambassador but I think we all agree there is still an issue with lack of representation of women, African Americans and Latinos on the main stage.

As Cindy Gallop posted – “diversity drives innovation.” Watch this clip she shared here. I agree 100% with her: “when we change the optics, we have to change the content.”  Also visit

In 2016 a United Nations-based organization announced that none of its employees would participate in or host all-male panel discussions. It would be great to see keynote speakers take a similar stand. Most importantly, we need to continue to make organizations accountable. Thank you to all the leaders in the industry who have mobilized.

On another note, Fortune released the list of 100 Best Workplaces Diversity and you can find it here.

Following are a few additional stories I found this past week:


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Marketing & Media

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Leading Ladies


Brown University names diversity VP

‘I never had any teachers that looked like me.’ Fresno Unified aims for more diversity

Raytheon and Girl Scouts start computer science-“Cyber Challenge” partnership


Carmen de Lavallade is 86 and still the best dancer in the room

Feature photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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