Let’s crowdsource a list of Latinos for Sunday news shows and media in general

Earlier this week I posted a blog with 50 Latinos that TV bookers and media in general could tap to talk about the Hispanic experience. Thank you for the comments and feedback, which tells me this was a much needed starting point – and this is a starting point. Enrique Acevedo said “We can all benefit from more diversity, not only of gender and race, but age and points of view as well.” Of course I agree but as I told him that doesn’t mean having the conversation of the lack of Latinos on Sunday and news shows is not important. The elections this year proves – and in particular this week in New York –  that age and gender diversity are key too.

Mariela Azcuy recommended making this a public list that others could add to – and others agreed. So here is a link to a document that you can help add names to and I’ll post an update next week. Have others to add? Go! http://bit.ly/LatinoSources

Photo by William White on Unsplash

Dear TV bookers: Here’s a list of 50 Latinos

For many Latinos who follow Sunday and political shows closely it is extremely frustrating to see the lack of Hispanic representation in media. This is not new – here is this article from last year and there is this Media Matters report. The issue came to a head this week because as the top story in the country is about immigration, the Sunday shows only had one Latino headliner. This not only resulted in headlines but also in a number of twitter conversations including this one and this one. One of my top tweets thus far (and if you follow me you know I am active on twitter) was recommending to Brian Stelter that he host a segment focused on the lack of Latinos on Sunday shows (and hope to see this soon!)

Here is the thing – and read this also from Media Matters on the topic – Latinos should be invited not only to talk about immigration but to address any and all issues. Latinos represent close to 18 percent of the country, we are very diverse, speak English or Spanish or both or more than two languages. We care about education, the economy, entrepreneurship, healthcare and much, much more. There are conservative, moderate and progressive. We are very diverse. So why are we not at the table?

I have had many conversations on this issue but if I’ve learned something these past few years is that it is not enough to complain or talk about an issue – you need to do something. So here is my small contribution – a list of 50 Latinos that could be invited to these shows. Not all to talk about immigration, some on business or other issues. I hope any and all TV booker can use this list for morning shows, Sunday shows or any news segment. These are just a select 50, trust me locally and nationally there are many more. There are also many in other fields from healthcare, to marketing to entertainment not included but that may be a future post. I also have not added elected officials because you can find them by reaching out to NALEO, CHCI and CHLI. Of course feel free to add any other names to the comments section below.

Finally, this Sunday, as John Oliver covered on his show this past weekend, Mexico elects a new president. So bookers keep in mind that there are many very knowledgeable  individuals you can invite to your shows including former Ambassador Tony Garza, Dallas Morning News reporter Alfredo Corchado, Jorge Ramos or Enrique Acevedo from Univision, Maria Elena Salinas who is an independent award-winning journalist, Laura Martinez from CNET or Leon Krauze who is a Univision anchor in Los Angeles who moderated a Mexican presidential debate.

Trust me there are many knowledgeable, eloquent Hispanics who would be great sources for your shows. As this is not an all encompassing list but hopefully helps demonstrate why there is no reason for a lack of representation.

Journalists (this list is just a few – NAHJ is a resource to identify more).

Tanzina Vega Host, The Takeaway https://twitter.com/tanzinavega
Suzanne Gamboa NBC https://twitter.com/SuzGamboa
Alfredo Corchado Dallas Morning News https://twitter.com/ajcorchado
Maria Elena Salinas Independent https://twitter.com/MariaESalinas
Maria Hinojosa Pres-Futuro Media Group; anchor & EP @LatinoUSA @NPR, https://twitter.com/Maria_Hinojosa
Jorge Ramos Univision https://twitter.com/jorgeramosnews
Enrique Acevedo Univision https://twitter.com/Enrique_Acevedo
Leon Krauze Univision https://twitter.com/LeonKrauze
Laura Martinez CNET https://twitter.com/miblogestublog
Jose Diaz-Balart Telemundo https://twitter.com/jdbalart
Mariana Atencio MSNBC https://twitter.com/marianaatencio
Lulu Garcia-Navarro NPR https://twitter.com/lourdesgnavarro
Julio Ricardo Varela In The Thick https://twitter.com/julito77
Olivia Tallet Houston Chronicle https://twitter.com/oliviaptallet
Charo Enriquez New York Times https://twitter.com/charohenriquez?lang=en
Veronica Villafañe Forbes https://twitter.com/veronicav

Hispanic-serving organizations (the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda also is a resource to identify others).

Janet Murguia NCLR https://twitter.com/JMurguia_Unidos
Arturo Vargas NALEO https://twitter.com/ArturoNALEO
Sindy Benavides LULAC https://twitter.com/SindyBenavides
Fernand Fernandez USHCC https://ushcc.com/about/team/
Thomas A. Saenz MALDEF https://twitter.com/ThomasASaenz
María Teresa Kumar Voto Latino https://twitter.com/MariaTeresa1
Ana Valdez Latino Donor Collaborative https://twitter.com/LDCAna1
Alex Nogales National Hispanic Media Coalition https://twitter.com/alexcnogales
Cid Wilson HACR https://twitter.com/CidWilson


Ana Navarro CNN contributor https://twitter.com/ananavarro
Maria Cardona CNN Commentator/


Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto Political scientist https://twitter.com/DrVMDS
Leslie Sanchez CBS News contributor https://twitter.com/LeslieSanchez
Ruben Navarrette Navarrette Nation podcast https://twitter.com/RubenNavarrette
Laura Hernandez Pescador https://twitter.com/Laurajhv
Matt Barreto Latino Decisions https://twitter.com/realMABarreto
Cristina Tzintzun JOLT https://twitter.com/TzintzunCris

Business/entrepreneurship/general (these are just a few names but here is this list of 50 Latinas and this one of Latina Tech Founders).

Carlos Gutierrez Former Secretary of Commerce https://twitter.com/carlosgutierrez
Henry Cisneros Former HUD secretary https://twitter.com/henrygcisneros
Nina Vaca Pinnacle Group https://twitter.com/ninavaca
Jessica Rodriguez Univision Communications Inc. https://twitter.com/_RodriguezJess
Monica Lozano College Futures Foundation https://www.linkedin.com/in/monica-lozano-7524666/
Sol Trujillo Trujillo Group Investments, LLC https://www.linkedin.com/in/soltrujillo/
Pedro Pizarro Edison International https://www.linkedin.com/in/pedro-pizarro-087a5287/
Oscar Muñoz United Airlines https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscarmunozua/
Marcelo Claure CEO Softbank Group Int’l, https://twitter.com/marceloclaure
Cesar Conde NBC Telemundo https://twitter.com/cesarconde_
Geisha Williams CEO and President, PG&E http://fortune.com/2018/03/14/most-powerful-latinas-2018/
Claudia Romo Edelman Co-Host @GlobalsGoalsCast https://twitter.com/claudiagonzalez
Adriana Cisneros Cisneros https://twitter.com/cisnerosadriana
Charles Garcia ALPFA https://twitter.com/charlespgarcia
Chiqui Cartagena Hispanic marketing expert and author https://twitter.com/ChiquiCartagena
Silvina Moschini SheWorks! https://twitter.com/Miss_Internet
Ana Roca Castro Genius Plaza https://twitter.com/AnaRC

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash