Pew Research on Diversity, HP, GM, Google, from diversity to equality, diversity in film critics & more

As we continue to celebrate pride month, Pamela Aquino posted this on her LinkedIn: “The next journey for the corporate world is from diversity to equality for LGBTQ employees.” 

If you missed this report from Pew Research, it is a much needed read as we hear about, and see, the divide in our country: “Most Americans express positive views of country’s growing racial and ethnic diversity.”

Here are two items from Alan Murray’s newsletter this morning, one of my daily must reads, he shared this about HPs CEO commitment to diversity. And this: Dhivya Suryadevera is GMs new CFO. Per Murray, “GM will enter rare Fortune 500 territory as one of only two companies with a female CFO and a female CEO.”

This week we had more elections and saw more women winning – so as Kelly Grace Gibson writes, “Women are running and winning in record numbers. Is DC ready?”

A USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study found that “in 2017, only 2.5% of top critics were women of color, while 80% of film critics who reviewed the year’s top box-office movies were male.” This gained some headlines, and more after Brie Larson called for more inclusivity.

Other stories this week include Google’s diversity numbers, diversity in dance music, this story titled “Amazon chasing Netflix for black content creators,” and also reading about more black women running startups.

ICYMI watch this inspiring graduation speech .

Photo by Kirsty Lee on Unsplash

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